Xserve (Cluster Node)


Family: Servers

Codename: ?

Gestalt ID: 406

Minimum OS: 10.1.5

Maximum OS: 10.5.8

Introduced: March 2003

Terminated: January 2004


CPU: PowerPC 7455 "G4"

CPU Speed: 2x 1.33 GHz

FPU: integrated

Bus Speed: 133 MHz

Register Width: 32-bit

Data Bus Width: 64-bit

Address Bus Width: 32-bit

Level 1 Cache: 32 kB data, 32 kB instruction

Level 2 Cache: 256 kB on-processor

Level 3 Cache: 2 MB DDR SDRAM per-processor

ROM: 1 MB ROM + 3 MB toolbox ROM loaded into RAM

RAM Type: PC2700 DDR

Minimum RAM Speed: 333 MHz

Onboard RAM: 0 MB

RAM slots: 4

Maximum RAM: 2.0 GB

Expansion Slots: 2 64-bit 66 MHz PCI


GPU: none


Hard Drive: 60 GB 7200 RPM

ATA Bus: ATA-133

Optical Drive: none


USB: 2

Serial: DB-9

Firewire: 1

Firewire800: 2

Speaker: mono


Ethernet: 10/100/1000Base-T


Power: 400 Watts

Dimensions: 1.73" H x 17.6" W x 28" D

Weight: 26 lbs.

Released in March of 2003, the Xserve Cluster Node was designed to function as a node in a cluster of xserves. It shipped without an optical drive or graphics card, and supported only a single ATA hard drive. The Xserve Cluster Node shipped with dual 1.33 GHz processors, and was priced at $2,799, the same price as the single-processor version of the full-featured Xserve.

Picture Credits:
Apple, Inc.